Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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Today we went on a long drive to catch a storm system that was supposed to develop into a really monumental storm, but by the time we got there it had dissolved into a long gray stretch of scattered showers, so we grabbed a quick vending machine “lunch” and turned the chase vehicles back toward the homestead.

To be a storm chaser, you have to be ready to log a lot of driving time. Spending six hours in a cramped space together is a test of any friendship, and an even bigger test of coworkership. The latest point of contention has been music. It seems that none of us can agree on what to listen to in the car.

I present to you the Canute Chase Team’s Music Preferences:
ME: I like lot of things, but extra bonus points go to any song that makes me want to bust out the patented Henenger family dance moves. They’re ugly, but they get the job done*.
*Not sure exactly what the job is, but I think it must involve jumpkicks and moonwalking.

DEBBIE: Dreary acoustic music by people with Scottish accents. Every song seems to be about being shy. Don’t call it boring unless you want to listen to a very detailed lecture about the lack of subtlety in pop music.

CHASE: Southern rock. Chase gets really into it when one of his songs comes on the radio – he always yells “OH here we GO!” right before the guitar solo. And then during the solo he yells out “SEE, I TOLD YOU! THAT IS THIS SONG IS AWESOME!”

SCOTT: Scott says his favorite music is “the peaceful sound of my own thoughts.” But…when I was working on his computer, he left his music library open and he’s got a SERIOUS thing for 80s ballads. (BUSTED!)

FROSTY: He’s got really bizarre tastes actually – when he plugs in his mp3 player you never know what’s coming next: A jangly country song about horses with broken hearts? A song that sounds like it was composed by Swedish robots? Minimalist music by keyboardists who claim to come from the future? You name it – if it’s weird, Frosty likes it.

As you might have already figured out – we’re not a group that shares the car radio well. To stem fighting Scott has decided that we each get to be in charge of the music (or lack thereof) for an hour at a time on the long trips. To keep himself entertained the other day, Frosty started pretending to be a DJ during his hour, and it caught on (even Scott’s on board.)We’ve all been practicing our radio voices and putting together our most fun playlists…So…ahem…let me clear my throat…

From the front seat studios of KCAR FM this is DJ Pete wishing you all safe travels, and helpin’ you keep it loud as you chase those clouds – Comin’ at you right now we’ve got a crackin’ tune to dodge hail by, crank it up and until next time, stay twisty!

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