Thursday, June 17, 2010


Ok, I like cheesy jokes - I can’t help making cheesy jokes (maybe I could lure the mice away from the homestead with my jokes…see! That just happened. I can’t help it, honest!)

Today I was tagging along with Frosty as he went into town to pick up some new battery packs for his cameras, and since there wasn’t a ton of work to do back on the homestead – it seemed like the perfect time to get out and shoot some pictures – Frosty says that even though he’s a storm photographer, he likes to go out and work in good weather too because “Cameras hate just sitting around in a bag.” Which I guess is another thing that cameras and I have in common.

When I started as an intern here, I noticed that there aren’t that many good jokes about tornados or storms. Isn’t that crazy? It seems like there would be millions of them. I’ve been working on some new storm jokes, and I’ll be honest – it’s not going so well. All I have so far is one punch line:

And then the tornado says “that’s not my house!”

During the drive I was trying out some new storm jokes on Frosty – and they just weren’t working. Eventually he had enough. He made me a deal – If I can go the rest of the day without making a single joke he’ll treat the whole team to ice cream at Dr. Wafflecones tomorrow.

I really like Dr. Wafflecone’s ice cream, it’s maybe the best in the country and definitely the best in the state (they have CRAZY flavors: Spicy Strawberry, Banana Cotton Candy, and Quintuple Chocolate twist, to name a few). But the rest of the day with no jokes? I don’t know if I can do it.

I’ve got ten hours to go, but it might as well be ten years. Everywhere I look I see a hilarious thing that I’m dying to make a joke about…but ice cream is so delicious…it’s…so hard choose…I don’t know If I can go on…I’m so cold…

If you know of any good storm jokes (or can make one up) to help me through the day, post them in the comments and I might be able to last until tomorrow…


  1. Q: What is a tornado's favorite game?
    A: Twister!

  2. What's a king's favorite kind of precipitation? Hail!

  3. I think that jokes are good for you! They can get stupid at times but those are always the funniest! But for the storm jokes...I can't think of any.

  4. I think jokes are good for people! Although some don't understand good jokes sometimes! And even cheesy jokes are funny! But for storm jokes...I got nothin'.

  5. Ha! Those are pretty great. Also I know! Storm jokes are hard - the best I've got today is

    Why was the thundercloud so relaxed?
    Because he was part of a low pressure system.

  6. Why did the cow fly across the street?

    Because a tornado was carrying it.



  7. Hmm it feels close...there must be a joke that can be made about cows and twisters...

    Come to Oklahoma, where the cows have frequent flier miles...

    Nope - that one's not good...

    Q: What did the cow say when it was caught in the twister?
    A: Moooo! This is unreasonable! Moooo!

    Nope - that one is also bad.

    *sigh* back to the drawing board. Although - if I can hang on for a few more hours without bugging Frosty with a joke, it's off to Dr. Wafflecone’s!!!

  8. Pete, you gave me an idea. :D

    Q.What did one cow say to the other cow on a stormy day?
    A. Moo-ve over or you'll take the next direct flight in that tornado.

    Hmm...that one is cheesy too.

  9. I like it! You gave me an idea too:

    A tornado is tearing through a field toward two cows - the first cow says "Oh wow! Look at that tornado!" the second cow says "You can talk?!"

    Okay...doesn't quite work...

    And - Nancy Drew, I've heard that she does some pretty good work - but I've never gotten the chance to meet her.

  10. Hey Pete! I've got one for you, although it's pretty corny too.
    Q: Whatever happened to that cow that was lifted into the air by the tornado?
    A: Oh, it was udder disaster!

    Yup, pretty bad!

    Just wanted to say, I LOVE your blog! It's hysterical, and I look forward to reading it every day! Also, how long are you planning to keep writing? Through the end of your intership, or only until the 29th of June?


  11. Yeah! Udder disaster! Oh...poor, poor cows!

    What do you call a cow who is afraid of storms?
    A cow-ard.


    Thanks for reading :D I plan on blogging until the end of my internship.

  12. Q: What did the cow say when it was caught in the twister?
    A: Moooo! This is unreasonable! Moooo!

    XDDDDD That one is pretty funny, Pete. Made me nearly fall off the bed.

  13. Everybody knows about the Fujita Scale which measures the power of tornados (right, pete?). But nobody really knows what all those types of twisters do to COWS. So here is the MOOJITA Scale...

    M0 Tornado- Cows in an open field are spun around parallel to the wind flow and become mildly annoyed

    M1 Tornado- Cows are tipped over and can't get up

    M2 Tornado- Cows begin rolling with the wind

    M3 Tornado- Cows tumble and bounce

    M4 Tornado- Cows are AIRBORN

    M5 Tornado- S T E A K ! ! !

  14. Poor cows! But as far as the Moojita scale goes :D Love it!