Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Statistics

Equipment Problems: Blown fuses in the Doppler, Patch cords chewed by mice, fifty mm lens scratched by hail, anemometer lost (possibly at the Coney-opolis), communication equipment failure

Hours of driving logged: 19

Hours of sleep logged: Six (all weekend!)

Best quote of the weekend: Frosty “It looks like it’s dancing and also destroying a barn!”

Reoccurring Accident of the weekend: Scott driving off with coffee on the roof of his car. (three times)

Chase air guitar solos: Four (that I saw – possibly more)

Most embarrassing moment: Reviewing the tapes and hearing the really dopey things we say when we see a tornado – an excerpt:

“ME: Wow!


SCOTT: Man, that’s a twister alright!

DEBBIE: Uh-huh!

ME: Wow!

CHASE: That one means business!

ME: Tornado!”

Parking tickets received: 3

Confirmed Tornados Spotted: 4

That’s right, four. We saw so many tornadoes this weekend that we had to give them nicknames to keep them straight (if you were curious, they were - Barn Stormer, Lefty, Haily, and Slowpoke.) I finally got to see what it’s like when the chase season is in full swing – and now I need to sleep for a thousand years (and then enter a million numbers into a spreadsheet.)

Until tomorrow,

Stay Twisty!


  1. Wow, Pete! Sounds like an awesome (an tiring) weekend. Four tornados! That's so cool! Go get some sleep, 'kay? We don't want you getting sick or something! Why don't you go to Dr. Wafflecone's and try a new flavor?

    And man, I so want to see a Chase guitar solo now!

  2. XD The convo sounds like what I hear when I play back the videos I make in choir pratice. XDDD Great post.

  3. Ha! I know! It's always a little cringe-inducing to hear conversations played back on tape (for me at least)

    It WAS a tiring weekend, but well worth it - although it would be nice if the weather paused for snack and nap breaks.