Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Maybe I need to think about something else! I’ve been spending so much time every single day obsessing about storms and tornados that I think it’s starting to make me a little crazy. Last night I had a stress dream about a tornado that was so bizarre I thought I’d tell you about it here.

In my dream, the team and I were chasing down a huge tornado – but this time, instead of logging a bunch of data – I actually caught the tornado.

Suddenly everyone was really worried – we had caught this huge tornado, but we had no idea what do with it. Do we take it to the homestead and tie it up in back? Will we have to feed it? What if it gets loose? Will it invite its friends over?

We tried to set it free again, but it just followed us around like a lost puppy. It was equally cute and terrifying.

I asked the rest of the team if they’ve had any stress dreams about tornados and, it turns out that everyone has. Frosty’s was my favorite - he once had a dream where he forgot to study for a test and a tornado gave him an F on an exam.

Speaking of Frosty, he’s been pretty pleased with my photos lately. We’re expecting a pretty big system to move through the area tomorrow, and he wants me out in the field. He’s given me some of his good equipment and wants me to really “get into the middle of things.” I’m really excited, I hope I get some good shots tomorrow!


  1. please show us some of your photos! I am sure they are great!

  2. I'll see if I can get a few of them loaded onto the blog soon! As soon as I sort out the blurry pictures, all of the accidental pictures I took of my shoes, and all of the lens cap pictures :)

  3. Some more photos' would be the most faboulusust thing ever! Please do!
    It would be great to seer some more photos lol

  4. Hope you don't get hurt out there, Pete! Stating the obvious here, but, them twisters is daaaaangerous thangs, ya'll! :O

  5. Yay photos!! I like the tornado dreams. Sounds a bit frightening, though.

  6. I know what you mean about the stress dreams. I worked at an Ice Cream shop in high school, and after two years I began to have dreams where a giant ice cream cone was trying to scoop ME out of a tub... it was weird...