Monday, June 7, 2010

The mood is tense!

An excerpt from a conversation I overheard today:
SCOTT: The outlet in the basement is dead.
FROSTY: I’m very sorry to hear about that. Do you want to talk about it?
SCOTT: (a solid five seconds of GLARING) No. I want you to do something about it.
FROSTY: You got it.

Here’s what frosty did about it:

Things here have been a little tense the last few days. Significant weather patterns are starting to develop, so the team needs to be ready to move at a second’s notice. It seems like this is usually a stressful time of the season, but according to Chase it’s been a little rougher than usual because things keep disappearing. Without equipment, you’re no longer a chase team – you’re just a bunch of people, looking at clouds.

That will probably look less impressive on my resume:
Summer Internship Experience: I looked at some clouds.


  1. Intern Pete --- I love your blog!

  2. We have gathered here to mourn the loss of the basement outlet...

  3. ...Today, we pause to remember that one time when we were folding laundry in the basement, and the outlet gave so unselfishly of itself - providing much needed electricity to that old radio that we had pretty much forgotten about, and were very excited to find because we were very bored, and there was much laundry to be folded. :)