Thursday, June 10, 2010

The time? Let me check the bananas clock: it’s about bananas thirty.

This is how Debbie makes having a healthy snack a convenient part of her morning: It makes sense!

Debbie took me on a trip back to the Canute meteorology department campus the other day to help her dig through Scott’s office for a backup computer tower. Two of the team’s computers have met unfortunate ends this last week. The first computer died of what we all assume was natural causes, the screen went blue and it started to smoke a little – then it started to smoke a lot – and THEN it officially caught on fire.

I maintain that there are two awesome things that a computer can do:
1. Work perfectly
2. Catch on fire

The second computer to go down was one of Canute’s laptops. According to Scott, the computer is “going to be just fine as soon as it spends some time under a hair dryer” I think this is really unlikely, since he spilled an entire of thermos of coffee in it. He wanted us to sneak the coffee-laptop back into the computer lab, and switch it for one that has had either no coffee or significantly less coffee dumped into it recently – but Debbie told him that since he’s the one in charge, he’s going to have to be the one to pull off all present and future computer heists.

I’ve only been on the homestead for a little bit, but it feels like forever since I’ve been on campus. I didn’t really have any time to visit friends, but we did have enough time grab a sandwich at The Great Chewdini’s. If you’re on the Canute campus and you’ve never been to Chewdini’s I highly recommend a visit. It’s magic themed sandwich shop and everything there is really good, but I like it because you have to know the lingo to get what you want.

I Ordered “The Unlucky Emperor in a straightjacket” and a side of “Manacles, buried alive.”*

Soon enough, it was back to the homestead to attend to the work that had piled up in our absence.

*Other, less fun restaurants would call this a Caesar wrap with cheesy onion rings.


  1. I have broken computers before... not a smart move. I got frustrated when they started going slowly, so I started banging on it. Then they died.

  2. They don't like it when you bang on them - which in Chase's opinion is a MAJOR design flaw. He told me that:

    "The second one of scott's machines starts actin' funny I unplug it - that way it knows that I'm winnin'. 'f that don't work, I give it a good shake."

    And, if that doesn't work, he usually asks me to fix it - and when THAT doesn't work I ask Debbie to fix it - and IF THAT doesn't work - we go on a trip to get a replacement, and that generally means a stop for sandwiches! Win win.

  3. Manacles do sound mysteriously delicious. ;)

  4. Just smaash the computer with a mallet to get even MORE sandwhiches. Win win WIN!

  5. Hmm, sounds like a solid, although potentially regrettable, sandwich getting plan to me :)

    And the manacle onion rings are REALLY good. Oh and I forgot to mention the most important thing about ordering at Chewdini's! You can't say you want you sandwich cut - you have to say "sawed in half" or they'll refuse to do it.

  6. Chase understands the battle with computers. There's been many times when my com has been stubborn and I've unplugged it with a "Ha!" just to let it know that I won in the end. :D

    It sounds like there are all kinds of cool places to eat at over there. I liked the pickle-eating-sandwich shown in an earlier post.

  7. My laptop caught on fire in class one time. It was awesome! lol
    My school gave us Gateway Tablet PCs (the bulky original ones) when we entered the school for us to carry around for classes. They were horrible, they would crash or somehow break every day. It was ridiculous!
    One day, we had to leave our laptops in the classroom so that we could do an experiment outside. When we all came back, we smelled something burning. It was coming from my laptop. It was smoking like crazy! It was turned off and everything, but then all of a sudden, it caught on fire!
    Within minutes, everyone in the school was talking about how "Kristin's laptop caught on fire!"

  8. Oh no! I hope everyone was okay (and additionally, I hope that the computer fire resulted in sandwiches for everyone involved.)