Friday, June 4, 2010

The simplest answer: just hit it a little.

Last night we were all hanging around the homestead. The weather’s been behaving suspiciously well, and we haven’t had much to do. For the first time in my internship, we were all bored. Scott decided that he wanted to watch the season finale of Attorney General. So, we all gathered around the antique television, and fired it up. And by “fired it up” I mainly mean “sat there while it did not work even a little bit.”

“Intern Pete.” Scott said, “See if you can fix the tv.”

I tried to explain to Scott that unless you’ve…learned how to fix a TV at some point, the chances of you fixing a TV are pretty slim. He agreed, and then said, “How about you give it a shot anyway.”

I got some tools from Chase’s workbench ( honestly I didn’t really pay attention to what I grabbed since if you have no clue what you’re doing all tools are equally useless) and got to work. I spent a few minutes trying to open the backing until Chase got sick of waiting. He walked over and gave the television a firm thump – instantly it turned on.

“Don’t overfancy things,” Chase said “Sometimes the simplest answer works the best.”

Frosty and Debbie seemed very amused. We watched the series finale of Attorney/General, which may be the worst show ever made, ever. In the finale, the main character is forced to finally choose between being an Attorney, or being a four star general. Here’s a shocker, he chooses both. BOOOO! But, it did have a great scene where a speedboat crashes into the courthouse during jury deliberations. Then the lawyers petitioned for a change of venue and it got SUPER boring again.

Finally, mercifully, the local news came on. The forecast called for bad weather on the horizon. Maybe we’ll get out of the living room and out into the fields soon!


  1. The last time I visited the homestead it looked like there were some good books lying around. You could read Frankenstein the next time the weather doesn't cooperate. :)

  2. Hmm, that sounds pretty good (and spooky) to me. I'm a pretty big reader so I'll read everything that's laying around (sometimes twice). There are some strange old farm books here at the homestead, but they're so old and brittle that they're nearly to impossible to read.

    My favorite of the books that I found is titled:

    From Cows to Ducks: Animals on the farm.
    By Earl J. Cooperworth

    I'd expect a more all encompassing title like "From aardvarks to zebras." but this book was...far less ambitious.