Tuesday, June 22, 2010


When I was at Ma ‘n Pa’s store this morning to restock the chase vehicles, and I ran into a few members of another chase team. I’ll be honest, it was totally weird. We’ve been so busy chasing storms lately that I’ve forgotten about the Green Skies competition. With all that money up for grabs *cough*enough to hire a certain intern permanently*cough* it’s no surprise that there’d be a lot of teams trying to get in on the action.

I don’t think I’ve said much about the Green Skies competition – basically the team that gets the best results this season receives a huge grant to establish a state of the art storm tracking and chasing facility. Our team is a favorite to win, but Scott is quick to remind everyone that the prize isn’t won until every storm is tracked and logged.

The team I met today is headed by a woman named Brooke. She seemed pretty nice, but she was definitely trying to pry information out of me about what our team was up to – lucky for the Canute team, I don’t actually have any clue about what’s going on, ever :P

When I got back to the homestead, I told Scott about running into Brooke. He seemed pretty irritated, but happy that I didn’t give away any of our secrets. He told me that next time someone tries to get any secret information out of me, I should throw them a “bum lead” He made me practice my misinformation skills.

SCOTT: Ok. I’m the other team leader. “So, where’re you headed this week?”

ME: Maine.

SCOTT: No. It has to make sense.

ME: Ok.

SCOTT: So where’re you going this week?

ME: Few hundred miles north.

SCOTT: No. that’s what we’re actually doing.

ME: Few hundred miles south?

SCOTT: There’s a system there as well. So no.

This is the first time I’ve had any difficulty being wrong about something.


  1. Wow, Pete, sounds like you have a loooooong drive ahead of you this week!
    Shame on that Bridget person for trying to take advantage of you to try to figure out where you're going! I think you should stick with telling her you're going to Maine and walk away!

    I'll be holding my breath for you guys to win!

  2. Thanks! Are there tornadoes in Maine? Now I'm worried! If lobsters and tornadoes ever join forces - we are all in serious trouble ;) "Take cover! It's a lobstornado!"

  3. You could say next time, "That's a good question. I'm sure my boss knows all about that." That way either Scott can take care of it, or most likely she'll leave you alone.

    Good luck on the contest, Pete! That would be great if they could keep you.

  4. Actually, Maine had an "almost ish kinda tornado". Huge thunderstorms and some funnel clouds, though I'm not sure if any touched down. Everyone was freaking out.
    So you should just send all the other teams up here and then you'll win for sure! :)

  5. It's hurricane season here in the southeastern states. 2010 hurricane season is June 1-November 30. We have attics for the hurricanes, but most don't have basements for tornadoes. Our house doesn't have a basement. Although, I've never seen a hurricane before, and I've lived in the same house my whole life!