Friday, May 28, 2010


Have I told you about Chase? He’s a little quiet, but a lot of fun. He’s hard to track down these last few days, but when I do find him he always seems to rope me into some sort of something repair.

I’ve never been much of a mechanic, I’ve got nothing against machinery, but on the timeline of people’s interactions with machinery, I’m…well, let’s just go to that timeline:

People who make machines > People who fix machines > People who use machines properly > People who are pretty good at turning machines on and off > People who get frustrated by machines > People who occasionally break machines > People who almost always break machines > People that machines are actually afraid of > PETE (that’s me) > People who have never ever used machines > People from dystopian future novels who are tasked with destroying all machines to prevent a mechanical uprising.

So, I’m not exactly a natural mechanic, but Chase couldn’t care less. Every time he sees me he throws me a wrench and makes me fix something. Yesterday he had me fixing weather balloon circuitry.

Fixing weather balloon circuitry. Me.

It was pretty cool.


  1. A-W-E, *clap x2* S-O-M-E *clap x2". awe-some, awe-some, awe-some is Pete!

  2. Hey Pete,
    I am getting confused, please take the time to enlighten me,
    With this wonderful blog :), Are you Pete, the intern, based of the TOT game, or are you Pete, the Intern, as copying off the game?!
    Am I making sense?

  3. Hmm, that is a tough question, I don't really know! Let's see, I'm an intern at Canute's Meteorology department, and this year they're trying to get more prospective students interested in meteorology (which, as a word, always has way more vowels in it than I am expecting. 5(sometimes 6)! Leave some vowels for the other words, meteorology!)So they've asked me to blog about our day to day when we're out in the field chasing down storms. I hope that helps!

  4. Thanks, I get it now lol :)
    So an animated you will be in Trail of the Twister?! How cool!