Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scott, it’s time we have a talk about the state of your keyboard.

...Is what I’d say if I were WAAAAAY braver. "This is the one time where having a loose cannon around is a good thing." Today Scott had me working on setting up a spreadsheet to track the barometric pressure readings on the hours leading up to tornado touchdowns that have been confirmed by that Canute team. From the massive stockpile of data I’m working through, it looks like everyone here has really had a LOT of storm experience. I’m not sure what’s going to happen to the data once I enter it all in, but I am sure of one thing:

Scott’s keyboard is really, really, reaaaaaally gross.

I don’t think he has ever tried cleaning it. It’s so bad in that thing that I’m pretty sure a weird civilization is thriving down there – if I were to flip the keyboard over and give it a shake I think I’d find evidence that whatever is living in there has started making rudimentary clay pots and simple rock based weaponry. Forget storms, I should just study the archeological significance of stuff I found in Scott’s gross keyboard.


  1. I cleaned out my keyboard the other day and ended up losing a key (thankfully, it was the almost unused x )

  2. That's a good one to lose - I once broke the "e" key on my keyboard - and it mad vrything I typd look vry wird.

  3. I wonder if there's replacements...

    I found some words that are used often and use an "x".
    That's it.