Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I’ve lost Cap’n Duckbeard Pegwing. I should not be in charge of the Canute Chasers Official Good Luck Charm, maybe.

Cap’n you’ll be missed. I salute you for your 26 brave hours of service.
Scott was NOT pleased to hear of the development, apparently he’s pretty superstitious. The Canute Chasers Official Good Luck Charm has only gotten lost once before, and from what I’ve heard, that was a very bad year for everyone on the team. I asked Scott what happened that year, and all he said was “You don’t find that duck, and I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough.”

Feel free to post your thoughts, favorite memories, or if possible, the location of, Cap’n Duckbeard, below.


  1. Aliens took him!!

    -Sonny wuz here

  2. Did you try next to your bed? Or maybe in the bath tub?

  3. Oh, no! I hope he turns up.

    Herinteractive, I'm really enjoying reading Pete's blog and love the story line with Cap'n Peg Wing; I laughed out loud. :-)

  4. check in the fridge! next to the pickles! ...or maybe near the jelly? (:

  5. Poor Cap'n Duck Beard, is it possible that Scott got jealous of you, and hid it?
    Check under your desk.

  6. Great suggestions everyone! I did check the bath tub right away, but no luck. Strangely enough I found a tiny toy pirate ship in a box in the basement, he wasn't in there - but I'm going to leave the ship out in the open...like a trap. I'm sure no pirate/duck could resist stepping aboard to at least take a peek.

  7. Check where you last saw him, like in the car or on your desk or something!
    Good luck; I hope he decides to come back...