Friday, May 21, 2010

Do the shutterbug!

You know in the movies – the guy with the green jacket with all the pockets who is running down the street with an old, sturdy looking SLR Camera, dodging explosions and taking Pulitzer prize winning photos while also jumping out of a bunch of helicopters? That is totally what I was like today. Except I don’t have the jacket – and nothing exploded – and there were no helicopters - and the Pulitzer people haven’t called yet.

Frosty took me out to shoot some film of cloud formations around the homestead. Here’s a fun fact about clouds – they’re REALLY far away from the ground. Now, this may seem like common sense to you, my very clever readers, but it wasn’t until I pointed a camera up at the sky that I realized how really, really, really far away they are.

So, next time you look at the sky and see a cloud, think about the number 25,000. 25,000 feet – that’s about five miles. Some clouds are five MILES away .Think about that. Five miles is REALLY far away. Now imagine taking a picture of something that’s five miles away. Pretty crazy, right? So…keep that in mind when I mention that not a single one of my pictures turned out.

Frown Emoticon!

But Frosty said it was a good start, tomorrow he’s going to teach me the names of all of the clouds, which seems it will take a looooong time.

This cloud is named Gerald McIntire. One down. MILLIONS to go.

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