Thursday, May 20, 2010


This blog thing is new to me, so sorry I didn't update yesterday, but I'm here today! 

Salad with chopsticks? When you’re a stormchaser, you have to learn how to adapt under pressure!

This week has been a very special kind of busy. Scott has been wrapping up his classes for the semester, so I’ve been getting most of my marching orders from Debbie. Debbie, who told me in no uncertain terms that if I post her picture on my blog I’ll be given an involuntary Viking funeral, is pretty great (except for that whole promising to push me out to sea in a flaming boat thing). She and Scott seem like they’ve worked together for a while – they work together really well and have this bizarre shorthand I don’t understand. Listening to the two of them talk is just confusing – it’s like they hate nouns. Por Ejamplo:

Scott: Debbie where’s my (makes a circular gesture) you know…

Debbie: Upper shelf, next to the thing –

Scott: No, not that, the (same circular gesture, but more frustrated) that…with the –

Debbie: Oh, yeah. That. Pete broke that.

On a…related note. I broke some equipment. I advise against doing this during your internship.

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